Print sizing and framing

Shipping Sizes and Framing Options

Our prints are available in various sizes, and you have the option to choose between print only or framed options. Please note the available sizes and framing details below:

Print and Framed Sizes:

  1. 21cm x 30cm (8.3 inches x 11.7 inches)
  2. 30cm x 42cm (11.7 inches x 16.5 inches)
  3. 42cm x 59cm (16.5 inches x 23.4 inches)
  4. 59cm x 84cm (23.4 inches x 33.1 inches)

Our expert team will fit the artwork into the chosen frame, ready to be hung on your customer's wall.

In addition to our framed options, we also provide the option to purchase prints without frames. This allows you complete freedom and flexibility to frame the artwork according to your taste, interior design, and personal preferences. It's an excellent choice for those seeking a more personalized touch.

Print Only Sizes (including a 1 cm white border):

  1. 62cm x 92cm (24.4 inches x 36.2 inches)
  2. 82cm x 122cm (32.3 inches x 48.0 inches)
  3. 102cm x 152cm (40.2 inches x 59.8 inches)

Please note that the print-only option includes a 1 cm (0.4 inch) white border for safe handeling.

To display the print, you will need to have it framed by a frame maker of your choice. This allows you the freedom to select a frame style, color, and material that best complements your preferences and interior design. For advice on framing and more information do not hesitate to contact me.


Wood Materials

Quadrum picture frames are made in Germany from FSC®-certified wood. The wood comes from sustainably managed forests that meet the criteria of the Forest Stewardship Council. The Oak frames are solid wood from FSC®-certified sources with an Oak veneer

Glass materials

The frame windows are made of edge-ground float glass with a UV filter of approx 45%, apart from the A1 size which is high quality 3mm clear acrylic to prevent damage during transit. The frames are also equipped with an acid-free insert and a sturdy rear panel.

Frame colours

The colours offered are ‘white’,‘oak’ and ‘black’ 


For each of the sizes, the dimensions of the wood moulding is the same. These dimensions are 25mm in depth, 16mm width




Hanging fixtures

The hanging type fixture on the reverse panel is ‘Nail hanging’. A size frames are equipped with hangers in portrait and landscape format. Here is how the fixture looks on the reverse of the frame: