Collection: 'SOLD' Collection

Introducing "SOLD," a powerful photography series that sheds light on the pressing issue of human trafficking in the Netherlands. Through 25 anonymous portraits, I've collaborated with survivors who found temporary refuge in shelters, capturing their strength and beauty rather than defining them as victims. These portraits are a testament to the indomitable spirit of resilience.

Each portrait was taken within the rooms of the shelters, where these survivors resided with only the clothes on their backs as their prized possessions. Protecting their identities was of utmost importance, as they still faced danger. Unfortunately, most human traffickers go unpunished.

"SOLD" serves as a poignant reminder that trafficking and slavery aren't distant issues; they are universal problems affecting us all, regardless of our location. Some subjects have managed to leave the shelters and pursue a semblance of normalcy, while others remain trapped, adding to an endless cycle of victimization. With this series, my aim is to raise awareness and draw attention to human trafficking while celebrating the resilience and strength of survivors. 

By acquiring a limited edition print from "SOLD," you have the opportunity to enrich your life with art that carries profound meaning. Each portrait encapsulates the resilience and courage of these survivors, serving as a daily reminder of the power of the human spirit and our collective responsibility to combat human trafficking. Your support not only brings these captivating stories into your home or office but also contributes to the ongoing awareness and advocacy efforts surrounding this critical issue. Together, we can make a difference and inspire positive change.

The 'SOLD' series was the winner of the International LensCulture Portrait Awards 2020 and a winner the prestigious 'Zilveren Camera' Awards. The series was aquired by the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool/UK. The series was exhibited at a.o.  Museum Jan Cunen, Museum Hilversum, Naarden Fotofestival, Cortona on the Move Photo Festival.